Interval Training?

It was a peculiarly nice day yesterday for late October and I just had to get back on the bike. In order to be properly prepared for my nighttime ride at Tolt-MacDonald Park in Carnation, I figured I had better charge the batteries to my light and also make sure my bike computer's battery was charged. Doing so automatically downloads the data from recent rides onto my computer.

How depressing.

Since TransRockies, I've ridden my bike exactly twice prior to last night. Once on August 23rd, a second time on September 23rd. And, for those without a calendar, let me just point out that last night was in fact October 23rd. I assure you this pattern is strictly coincidental, but even if it were intentional I don't believe this sort of interval training would be all that beneficial. Actually, the layer of insulation I've installed around my mid-section since finishing TR would attest to this definitely not being the way to go about training.

But last night was really fun. Erik led us on a good loop through the mazelike network of trails at a steady pace with virtually zero stops. I probably won't be ridig the Moots much more this season, especially once the new single-speed arrives next week, so it was good to get it out on relatively dry trails one last time. Fortunately there was still some moisture lingering in the ground, as I was catapulted over the handlebars and faceplanted into the ground while trying to go over a stack of logs that everyone else walked over. My face landed flush and had the ground have been harder -- or a tree root been present -- I would have certainly broke my nose, if not worse. As it was, I had a mouthful of dirt and wore a mask of rich Washington soil the rest of the night. Good times!

The rain is back today but I'm hoping it keeps to a minimum for tomorrow night's ride. I haven't ridden the Thrilla in Woodinvilla loop in quite some time and although the ride is fun, I'm really jonesing for another Turkey Blast sandwich at Redhook afterwards. Oh, right. And the beer of course...

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