Give My Regards to King Tut

Kristin came home from school today with a giant rolled up poster. Unbeknownst to her, the Executive MBA program she's in has an artistic requirement.

Her poster, measuring 6 feet x 4 feet, contains dozens of stick figures, a porcupine, several rainbows, Marge Simpson and Santa Claus. It tells the story of the three most important events in her life that have helped her become a successful leader. If you're chuckling right now, don't feel bad. Do you know how hard it was to write that sentence after listing porcupine, rainbows, and Santa Claus immediately before it? Damn hard, that's how.

I had Kristin give me the whole story of her poster and while I did at times feel like I was Kurt Russel trying to decipher the heiroglyphs in the movie Stargate, it did sort of, kind of, in a way, seem to make sense. I think.

For your viewing pleasure: the poster.

Click to see a larger version.

By the way, my favorite part of the poster is that her weightlifter has not one, but two biceps in each arm!

Oh, and speaking of Kristin's schooling, it's been three weeks since the retreat with all of the rope climbing exercises and one guy's back is still hurt and one of the professors has a cracked pelvis. Good times!

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Criscipline said...

I want to know how that correlates to the three most significant events in her life that led her to become a successful leader.

Let me guess, wait, I can't even think of something funny here that could possibly link those pictures together.