More Favre-Like Than Ever Before!

I feel for you, Bills fans.

Never before have I seen a game that so deserved to end in a tie. Dallas quarterback, Tony Romo, whose name can't be mentioned on tv without a Brett Favre reference proved all those comparisons were accurate indeed. Romo was vintage Favre last night. If that vintage was 2004, that is. Romo threw 5 interceptions and fumbled the ball away once for a total of 6 turnovers. Yet, despite the absurd proportions of Romo's ineptitude, the Bills offense proved even more ineffective. Two of the interceptions were returned for touchdowns -- the ever-exciting "Pick-Six" play -- but as for the other FOUR turnovers that weren't returned? The Bills offense only mustered a field goal. That's it. 3 points off 4 turnovers.

Dallas had no business even being in this game, especially considering the Bills also ran back a kickoff for a third touchdown, giving them a total of 24 points. But Dallas, despite the barrage of passes to the wrong colored jersey, chiseled away at the lead and not only scored a touchdown to pull within two, but when they missed the two point conversion with 20 seconds on the clock, the promptly pulled off a successful onside kick to reclaim the ball. They then methodically moved down the field and gave their kicker a chance at a 52-yard game-winning field goal with one second on the clock. The 47-yard kick the guy made earlier in the game was his career long (he's a rookie). He nailed the 52-yarder not once but twice, thanks to Dick Jauron calling for a Bush-league timeout just as the ball was snapped. No wonder he doesn't go by Richard.

Buffalo hadn't hosted a Monday Night Football game in 13 years. The stadium was packed, the crowd was raucous and on their feet waving towels and even singing chanty songs at points during the game. We Seahawk fans take a lot of pride in the whole 12th Man thing and being known as the loudest stadium in the league, but I got to give it to the Buffalo fans, if only for one night. They actually sounded not like a football crowd, but like a futbol crowd. A South America futbol crowd, no less. They were awesome.

I wanted Buffalo to win the game rather badly, but only once the wheels came off Romo's cart. Prior to kickoff, I would have told you I wanted a 42-0 blanking in Dallas' favor. Yep, fantasy football is the reason. I'm in a salary cap league with 15 other people at BradyGames and a big game from Romo and the Dallas Defense last night would have vaulted me to the top spot for the week and won me a little dough. As it was, I still climbed the rankings up to 4th overall thanks in large part to Patriots' tight-end Ben Watson, but I really wanted that victory. But Romo threw it away. Literally.


Criscipline said...

Mike was still pissed about this game last night occasionally blurting out, "I can't believe Dallas f'n won!" We wanted them to lose so bad.

Anonymous said...

dont worry your cousin wanted dallas to lose too the end was pretty ridiculous.. it was a rough night watching the yanks throw it away to cleveland then only to catch the end of this game