Halloween at the Mansion

Hugh Hefner's Mansion, that is.

My good friend James emailed me a link to the photos he shot for Playboy.com of this year's Halloween Party at the Playboy Mansion. And some people still think I'm the one with the cool job. As if.

Check out the photos here.

The photos don't reveal any naughty bits, but there is plenty of scantily-clad celebrities and Playmates so consider them probably NSFW, if for no other reason than so the little trolls working in your company's IT department don't get all flabergasted when they see someone visiting playboy.com at the workplace. Methinks the old adage about you going there "for the articles" probably won't fly.

Nevertheless, if the idea of Playmates and B-list celebrities don't excite you, then I would suggest checking out the photos simply for costume ideas. There's definitely some good looking costumes on display. Yeah... the costumes. That's why you'll be looking at these pics. Sure...

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