Our City is Smarter than Yours... and Somewhat Better Looking Too!

Thanks to my sister for posting an article about Philadelphia being rated the city with the ugliest citizens in the country. To those who would argue that ranking, let me be the first to remind everyone that ugly is more than just looks. Philadelphia Eagles fans booed Santa Claus. It doesn't get any uglier than that.

Anyway, I wanted to see how Seattle fared in these meaningless rankings compiled by Travel & Leisure Magazine. The rankings were on a 1-5 scale and included the 25 major American metro areas. Here's a link to the complete breakdown for Seattle. There's a lot of categories on there, but the higlights were that Seattle was rated #1 in intelligence of all 25 cities and 3rd in the overall best people category.

Here's the full article at the magazine, which is designed to help people make travel plans. That said, most people are going to certainly look at it for bragging rights.

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