Buzz Killed

Drove into the city to have lunch with Kristin after another succesful presentation today. It's a beautiful day out in Seattle: crystal clear blue skies, a slight breeze, about sixty degrees, the sounds of leaves rustling, all that stuff I love. I'm driving back across Lake Washington, windows down, music blaring, got my cafe mezzo in my left hand, steering wheel in my right. You might even say, I had my groove on.

And then the song ends and a commercial comes on. The voice asks, "Can I speak to you woman to woman about menstrual bleeding?"

The sound you may have heard around 1:20 PST was my excitement for the day plummeting off a cliff. Yes, it did sound like the slide-whistle that often accompanies Wile E. Coyote during his many freefalls. The only thing missing was the little poof of dust generated on impact.

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