The NFL's Real Ironman

I can't believe it's already week 6 of the NFL season and I haven't been to a home game yet. We've had to sell our tickets once on account of a camping trip and a second time on account of a brief trip to Las Vegas. We didn't need to skip that second game but someone, who shall remain nameless but does happen to have her name on my checking account, forgot about the game and bought morning airline tickets. Sigh...

But, nevertheless, the Seahawks are 3-2 and atop the NFC West and have the number 1 ranked offense in the NFL, and look to host the Houston Texans this Sunday night on the nationally-televised game. The Texans are winless so far this season, and nobody knows this more than their quarterback, David Carr.

The poor guy has already been sacked 27 times in four games.

He set a record for most sacks in a single season in 2002 with 76 sacks, and he's currently on pace for 108 in 2005. So far, in his brief 3+ year career, he's lost more than half a mile in yardage.

Yet he never gets hurt. Never seems to complain. And was apparently joking about the situation with reporters yesterday. According to Seattle Times reporter, Greg Bishop, Carr jokes that his wife cooks well enough to overcome the pain and that "a lot of people are praying for [his safety] back home." As I've said before, I'm not a religious person but even I know that it's never a good sign when people start praying for you. Especially if you're the rich NFL quarterback who most people envy.

The Seahawks should have zero problem winning the game on Sunday. And I hope it's not even close (fantasy football considerations), but I do hope Carr doesn't get hurt. While sacks are always good for firing up the home crowd, not to mention often pretty comical, I admire Carr's determination and outlook and I'd hate to see the guy get hurt. At least not in person.

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