Guilt-Free Binging

Tonight I'll be wrapping up the guidebook for one of the best videogames of 2005 (I'll tell you about it in November) and although I'm bummed out that I had to cancel tonight's mountain bike ride -- the inaugural ride with my new HID lights will have to wait till tomorrow -- I do get to partake in a tradition of mine.

Kristin is stopping by Krispy Kreme on the way home to deliver me a dozen donuts: 6 raspberry filled and 6 iced kreme filled. She'll have maybe two or three of them, but you can bet that other 9 or so will be gone by mid-afternoon tomorrow. I will probably eat a half dozen of them tonight. I do this on the final all-nighter of all my big projects.

This is my reward. I will be up most of the night working and I need to be in Bellevue by 7am tomorrow to give a pair of presentations to a couple high schools there. I'm tired. I'm worn down. And I need this.

And I'm not going to feel guilty. After all, it's tradition.

For some people, tradition means watching the Rose Bowl Parade every year. For others, it means never missing the home opener for their favorite baseball team. For me? Donuts. I'm all about the donuts.

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