New Guidebook: Ultimate Spider-Man

As you may or may not have known, I author videogame strategy guides for BradyGames publishing ( and the latter part of this summer was spent working on the guidebook for Activision's Ultimate Spider-Man.

The game brings the re-telling of the Spider-Man story that is the Ultimate Spider-Man series to life on the screen through the use of comic-styled graphics, cinematics that feature comic panels and action text, and some pretty darn good voice acting. Not only does the game feature an ensemble cast of characters -- both Wolverine (X-Men) and Johnny Storm (Fantastic Four) make cameo appearances -- but it also introduces several never-before-seen characters as well. The real hook to the game, however, isn't just the tremendous presentation values, but the fact that you actually alternate play between Spider-Man and his much more sinister nemesis, Venom. That's right; you can be both good and bad. One second you're saving innocent citizens, only to be hurtling cars at them minutes later.

Those who played and enjoyed last year's Spider-Man 2: The Movie should consider picking up this year's similar, but different, Ultimate Spider-Man. Although the actual size of the city has been shrunk, and some of the web swinging tricks you could do in the previous game have been removed, the story and action sequences have been improved upon and the addition of a second playable character -- an evil one no less -- makes it all the more enjoyable. And if nothing else, the presentation values are off the charts.

If you own this game and would like a free copy of the strategy guide, autographed by yours truly, send me an email with your mailing address and full name at

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