New Guidebook: Sniper Elite

The annual fall crush of videogame releases is upon us and many of you are probably looking at the cover shown below and wondering why you would possibly want another WWII game. Well, I'll tell you why. Because this one is different. Sure, you've played the Medal of Honor games and the games in the Call of Duty series, and they're all fun, but this one is different. Sniper Elite is a sniping simulation.

The game takes place in Berlin during the final days of WWII and your character, a recent Westpoint grad who spent his youth as a diplomat's son in Berlin, is sent as an elite sniper to keep the Russians from getting hold of Hitler's nuclear secrets. In other words, although the game is of a WWII setting, you are in fact a soldier in the early days of the Cold War.

What sets Sniper Elite apart from the crowd is that the game attempts to accurately model the effects of gravity and wind speed and direction on the bullet's path, as well as the soldier's breath and heartbeat. And in my opinion the game succeeds. And while this may sound a bit too technical, do note that there are a variety of difficulty settings and a feature that allows you to turn certain criteria on and off based on your skill level. My biggest concern when beginning the guidebook for this game was that a game featuring wall-to-wall sniping would get repetitive. I can honestly tell you that I don't believe it does. The level design and overall game design and pacing does a very good job of keeping things fresh, not to mention it also allows for more of a run-and-gun style should you want it. Additionally, the expansive scoring system that allows for the posting of mission scores to online scoreboards is sure to please the old-school High Scores fanatics out there. And, yes, the game does feature online multiplayer as well.

Recommended to fans of war games and first-person shooters.

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