You know ever time you see coverage of Hurricane Wilma on TV, you can't help yourself from bellowing her name in your best Fred Flintstone impersonation. It's okay, you can admit it, we're all doing it.

Joking aside, this storm is one bad mother. Just last night we were watching the news and it was a Cat 1 with potential to be a Cat 4 by late Wednesday. A couple pharmaceutical commercials later and, as my friend Brian would imitate Chris Farley saying, whammy! -- Wilma was already a Cat 4 and rapidly gaining strength.

As of this morning it's the strongest hurricane on record and headed straight towards the Yucatan Peninsula. For those of you who look at a map and think Hawaii and Alaska are actually near one another (think about it), I'll help you out. The Yucatan Peninsula is that portion of eastern Mexico that sticks out towards the Gulf of Mexico. It's where Cozumel is. Or, for those who still consider empty beer cans stacked on a windowsill as art, it's where Cancun is.

As if that wasn't bad enough the computer models are split in their predictions of what will come next. Half the models show Wilma getting drunk in Cancun and sort of stumbling about for a while before finally heading back east towards Cuba and the Caribbean. The other half of the models show her bee-lining straight to Florida. Likely somewhere between St. Petersburg and Tampa.

The lack of humanitarian outcry in our nation over the 70,000+ dead in Pakistan and India from the earthquake was somewhat predictable. After all, we have the Viking Love Boat to focus on. But it will be very interesting to see if our "ally" to the south, Mexico, gets a more sympathetic response after this. Then again, the cynic in me expects it to, if for no other reason than because the area likely to be affected is a tourist destination.

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