Gaming On Down the Road

Heading down to Portland, Oregon this weekend for a friend's wedding. I hope to get some more time in with Armored Core: Formula Front on the PSP during the drive and should have plenty to write about this game come Sunday night. So look for some impressions on it by Monday morning. I'm also heavily enjoying Space Rangers 2 on the PC right now and can see why guys like Bill Harris and so many at were so high on this game last year. It actually doesn't come out in the US until next month, but you can order it on in the meantime. I would highly advise doing so--and not just because it runs at 180 frames per second on my machine, wink, wink.

Lastly in the "what am I playing" department, I think I may have finally burned out on Animal Crossing for the Nintendo DS. I played the game for about 15 minutes a day for the better part of two months, have paid off 3 of the in-game mortgages, have collected all but 3 of the fossils, and frankly just don't care anymore. I'm going to finally pick up one of my "most anticipated titles of 2006" today while out running errands, Age of Kings for the Nintendo DS. Yes, you read that correctly, one of my most-anticipated titles for this year is a handheld bastardization of a PC classic.

Oh, and in case the games mentioned above didn't give you enough of a hint, expect an article next week concerning the possibility of me skipping the Xbox 360, the PS3, and the Revolution. I realize it's very unlikely, but it's what I'm feeling right now. That, and it's time to go running. Have a good weekend.

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