Who's His Boss? And Fire Them Both!

Can someone please explain to me how it is possible that I can flip through the channels and actually come across "The Tony Danza Show" as one of my viewing options in 2006? I thought this guy was dead.

There's a lot of talk lately coming from the fly-over states about how out of touch Hollywood is from mainstream America in light of Brokeback Mountain being nominated for so many Academy Awards. Well, I don't agree with the homophoboic naysayers as far as that particular movie is concerned. Nor do I necessarily think "mainstream America" is a club one should aspire to be a part of. But, yes, Hollywood is definitely out of touch. How else could you describe the decision to give Tony Danza his own daytime talk show?

What's next, Chevy Chase is going to get his own show? Whoops...

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