Riding The 'Hood

I desperately needed to take a break from work for an hour so I slipped into my microfleece bib-tights, long sleeve winter jersey, gore-tex jacket, neoprene gloves, merino wool socks, and fleece skullcap and went for a ride on the snow-covered trails that loop around our neighborhood. It's only 42-degrees out (only as in, it could be a lot worse) and the views were too great to pass up. I had to get out from behind this desk for an hour.

As you may recall my mountain bike is currently laid-up with a case of a fractured rocker link, but fortunately I have a cyclocross bike on standby. Who knew this whimsical purchase several years ago (pro-deal through the shop my brother used to co-own) would offer up so much fun? Not to mention it's just great to have in a pinch. Like today.

So off I went on what amounts to a compact road bike with minimally knobby tires (mental note: buy new tires for this bike). Not five minutes into the ride I hit a snow-covered pothole and thought I at the least broke the front rim, at the worst cracked the frame of the bike. These concerns took backseat to the intense pain in my groin (mental note: ouch!).

But before long I was rolling through an inch or so of frozen compact snow from Monday's brief snowfall. Riding a bike with 1.4" tires off-road on snow and ice is a lot of fun, and I imagine that if I did it long enough and fast enough, it would really sharpen my bike handling skills. Not that they're too shabby mind you, but they can always stand improving. One section of the trail loops behind a business park and I came up on two construction workers whose look they gave me was priceless. I also passed a guy on what we mountain bikers would call a "big bike" and he looked to have the same idea as me -- don't worry about training or going big or getting in a workout. Just go out and have some fun.

Sometimes it pays to just jump on a bike and go play. Like kids, but with much costlier toys. I snapped a couple photos of the neighborhood with the nearby mountains and my bike out on the trail. I know at least some of my readers are socked in with over 2 feet of snow, so hopefully this can be a little motivator to go out and enjoy it. You're never too old to go play.

Around the corner from home, our view when we walk the dogs.
Did I mention I love living here?

My bike on the frozen-over Silent Creek trail.

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