Our First Earthquake

One of the things that we've yet to experience since moving to the Pacific Northwest is an earthquake. And I'd like to say that we finally experienced our first one the other day, but truth be told, had somebody not have posted in our community message boards about it, I would have never known.

A 2.9 earthquake occured at a pretty shallow depth of 4.7 miles just outside of our town last Thursday at 3:47 am. Had it have been just two hours earlier, I would have likely been awake to feel it.

Oh well... this was a nice reminder to finish getting our preparedness kit ready. So far all we have is a wind-up radio and a case of Cliff bars. But that wind-up radio can also charge a cell phone and gets am, fm, and all of the weather stations. We might not have food or water and the world might be tearing apart at the seams and dogs and cats might be having sex in the streets and making mutant puttin babies, but damn it if I won't be able to call in to Delilah and make a request for my sweety.

Link to the official earthquake report.

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