Racing Again

While my screen capturing program is busy importing 32 gigs worth of video, I thought I'd go ahead and let it be known that I have my first mountain bike race in 4 years coming up next weekend. I have not pedaled so much as ten feet since November. And there's the little matter of my bike currently having no rear rocker link. I dropped it off at a different bike shop this past Saturday and they ordered the part for me yesterday -- $130 + labor -- and I'll hopefully have it back by this time next week.

Plenty of time to train.

It snowed again last night.

But hey, I ordered new tires from on Thursday and they got here yesterday. So it's all good, right?

Well, I don't know much about this race I'm doing next weekend other than my wife is going to drop me off on our way back from a wedding we're attending the previous night in Portland, Oregon. Excellent! I'll be out-of-shape and hung over! Sweet!

I'm also entered in an off-road duathlon on March 25th. There was a choice between a short course and a long course on the entry form. Naturally, given my lack of training, I entered the long course. And this is what happens when you go for a lousy 3 mile run and start daydreaming about races you ran in your prime.

Ego, it's a terrible thing to waste.

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