Long Night Ahead

It's 11:20 and I'm on my third cup of coffee since 9:30. Kristin just went downstairs to make me a fresh batch with the French press.

How'd we spend Valentines Day? Valentine's Day? What's that? Kristin spent about 3 hours at the kitchen table working on a massive table of crafting data for my current project in an effort to help me meet my absurdly tight deadline while I plowed ahead with the walkthrough upstairs in my office. Not that we ever even acknoweldge this absurd holiday, but still... she's awesome. And not only because she keeps me well-caffeinated and helps me when I need it. She's just awesome.

I'm probably averaging about 16 to 18 hours a day this week, and it totally sucks. But I just keep reminding myself that I get about 3 to 4 months off of work each year during the down-time and this is the price I pay.

And back to work I go, with dreams of the summer slump dancing in my head.

PS: My book for the Xbox 360 game Full Auto which shipped today ended up only being released as an E-Guide in PDF form. You can download it at www.bradygames.com.

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