What Do Scott Hamilton and My Pretty Pony Have In Common?

I've been trying to sneak in about an hour of Olympics viewing each day, whether it be on NBC at night or during the day on the rolls-right-off-the-tongue Universal-HD channel. Whatever the hell that is. All I know is it's channel 74 and it shows lots of Olympic coverage. In high-def. So I care. Sort of.

Anyway, everybody has an opinion on the Winter Olympics. They weigh in on topics ranging from reasons why nobody watches them, to reasons why Bodie Miller is an ass. And I realize he doesn't have an "i" in his first name, but it's my blog and we spell things correctly on my blog.

But nobody is ever funny when discussing the Olympics. Until now. And I'm not referring to my line about spelling, although feel free to chuckle. Moving on. Thankfully we have Bill Harris, whose writing is always some of the best around and today he gives us his take on men's figure skating. He only has a take on it because his wife made him watch it with her last night.

For Your Enjoyment.

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