Whatever Happened to Ramen Noodles?

Well, the sun has finally come out and the weather is warming and I'm starting to really look forward to the upcoming season of mountain biking. Especially that trip to Sun Valley, Idaho in June. But not just because of the riding I'll be doing, but because of who is sharing my campground with me.

Those who read the article about my weekend out on the Olympic Peninsula in September may recall me raving about my friend Eric's wonderful campside cooking. Well, he spent the past couple days camping and riding up at Fort Ebey (one of my favorite spots to ride) and in addition to some nice action shots, his girlfriend also took some photos of his version of "camp food".

Here's a photo of him prepping his home-made campfire egg rolls and here's the end result. Ummm... yes please?

I'm pretty new to the whole concept of camping with a car nearby and not having to carry everything on my back definitely has its perks, as I'm finding out. But Eric is just on another level. Granted, he's the head chef at a prestigious athletic club in Seattle, but still, my idea of campfood usually has the words ramen or n'cheese in the description.

I have a feeling I'm going to be eating well in Sun Valley. And I may even learn a thing too.

Hey Eric, you heard it here first: you cook like that in Idaho, and all the beer you want is on me!


Criscipline said...


E said...

I'll be hiding my primative cooking from Floyd's view the entire trip. :)


Eric Floyd said...

That might cost you a bit...You know how I love my beer!

Eric "Keep em' coming" Floyd