40 Degrees and Lovin' It

Nothing like a brisk 3 hour mountain bike ride in the chilly morning air this time of year to start the day! One of the trail gurus from BBTC gave me a guided tour of the Tokul West area today and despite the rain and hail from yesterday, most of the trails were relatively dry and in great shape. We stopped frequently to clear away fallen branches and smaller blow-downs and so Bob could show me where he plans to add new trails. I had no idea just how much trail there was just a few minutes from my house. I can't wait to learn that area better.

Anyway, my feet and fingers got a little cold by the end of the ride but we racked up about 16 miles and 1830 feet of climbing while out on the trails and had a wonderful time cruising over the leave and needle covered trails, zipping in and out of the misty fog bank blanketing the lower half of the mountain, and watching the sun shine a brilliant golden light on the moss and ferns.

Stopped for a pumpkin pie latte at the drive-thru coffee hut on the way home, then shortly polished off the last of yesterday's chili and warmed up with a big bowl of gumbo while watching "Around the Horn".

All was fine till I got an email from Kenobonn, then my day got a bit more interesting. But more about that on Wednesday...

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