The First of Three

My brother is in town visiting from Boulder, CO and we rented him a mountain bike for the weekend so I can finally give him a sample of all the great trails we have out here. Today we're heading east to do the Esmeralda Basin ride. If all goes well, I'll have photos and a video (care of my new helmet-cam) to share next week.

Tomorrow is going to depend on the weather, but the plan is to sneak a ride in at Tiger Mountain after the rain stops, but more importantly, after the Seahawks beat the Rams.

And as for Monday, that one is really up in the air. We're hoping to head down to the Greenwater area and do the big White River, Corral Pass, Dalles Ridge, Palisades loop. But I'm not sure how much my current state of fitness can handle 4000 feet of climbing. Then again, there's only one way to find out. Right?

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