Here and There

Saw an article in a North Carolina paper this morning at the Coffee & Crepes place I've been frequenting (and by frequenting, I mean 2 to 3 times a day) talking about the record-breaking prices that a California company was paying for square-footage in a Raleigh area office tower. The company was paying roughly $247 per square-foot of space. Hmmm... I thought, "that doesn't sound that high".

So I get to Epic and check my email and then click on over to the Seattle Times homepage. And what a coincidence! There was an article on its homepage about the record-breaking prices being paid for space in a new Bellevue high-rise office tower. How much? Roughly $560 per square-foot.

And there you have the reason why this seemingly non-descript haven of strip-malls with an utter lack of nearby recreational opportunities finds itself consistently ranked as one of the most livable parts of the country. It's cheap.

When we moved from NC to WA, we literally tripled our rent overnight. The damn best money we ever spent. There's a lot more to "quality of life" than having a low mortgage.

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