You May Already Be A Winner!

Well, that was certainly an atrocious way to cap off what was, essentially, a lonely, boring birthday. Nothing worse than spending your birthday working as a contractor in a nearly-empty office building, only to later go to the local sports bar and watch your team get whooped on national television. Well, actually, I imagine spending your birthday in jail or at a funeral would indeed be worse, but you get the idea.

The only good to come out of yesterday -- aside from talking to everyone in my family (and even one of my sisters-in-law which I thought was particularly nice) -- was that the bar I was at was raffling off a Shaun Alexander home jersey during last night's game. Everytime you ordered a drink or food, the bartender would give you a raffle coupon or two. Or, in my case, a dozen. Yes, I did have my Marcus Trufant jersey on and I was pretty much the only guy in the place cheering for the Seahawks (most were ambivalent and the only ones cheering for Chicago were two self-declared rednecks with $400 riding on the game, but they're another story entirely), but the bartender was doing everything he could to get me that jersey. I order a beer -- three raffle tickets. I order some wings, they come with 6 raffle tickets. At one point, right before the drawing, I go to the bathroom and while I'm at the urinal, he comes in and put another 10 raffle tickets for me atop the paper towel dispenser.

Okay, dude, now you're starting to freak me out.

But I did win. And I'm not really sure how or why my tab was only $34 considering I sat and ate and drank nonstop for nearly 4 hours, but it was obvious I got hooked up. So, knowing the jersey goes for $75 in the pro shops at the stadium, I left him a $40 tip on a $35 tab and sulked my way out of the bar with the jersey in hand.

I would have much preferred seeing the Seahawks win.

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Criscipline said...

Yeah, that was brutal. Mike wanted to text you some shit but I said, "Not on his birthday" with a sad sad sigh. My team had a nice win last night though!