Why I Hate Gamers: Exhibit 2,347,859

Just when you thought all of the nonsense surrounding PS3 pre-orders and Ebay couldn't get any worse, there's this.

This aspiring entrepreneur is selling an e-book on how to get rich off the PS3 launch.

This isn’t a get rich scam, and I’m not saying you will make enough to be able to quit your job. But you will make a LOT OF EXTRA CASH RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!


And I know alot of you don’t have the money needed to invest in buying a bunch of video game consoles, but the great thing is YOU DON’T NEED ALOT OF MONEY!

I’ll even show you how I got someone else to front the money for me completely legitimately!

Depending on which retailer you use you from my list you may not even need any investment at all!

So why you might ask am I just giving this info out to anyone? Because I think everyone can use the extra cash around the holidays and I know I’m going to be making lots more this year because this year THERE’S 2 BIG CONSOLE’S COMING OUT!

In my E-Book I’ll tell you my story of how I did it last year in every detail, which retailers used and when, and even give you access to my special members only section where I’ll be constantly updating in the days up to the launches as I do it myself along side you!

He's the HTML version of the guy in the "?" covered suit with the giant book promising to help you get money for free from the government. The website even has a bogus $24.99 with a slash through it to help show you what a bargain his "e-book" is at $4.99.

I don't know who I loathe more: the people who scavenge for consoles at launch just to profit from the shortage, or the idiots who will pay hundreds over the retail price just so their spoiled little Johnny can be the only one on his block with a PS3.

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Anonymous said...

Those are merchants, not gamers stupid.