A Sunday Mugging

You can't look at the Internet these days without finding yet another reason to hate game-maker EA. First, there's this and this in addition to the plethora of complaints about EA's buggy and generally crap-tastic NBA Live 2007 basketball game, but then there's today's update over at my favorite site Achieve360Points.com. It lists the Live Marketplace items for EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007.

Here's the for-sale game content for this game.

2. Maxed Out Player (108.00 KB, 200pts - U.S. $2.50)
Max our your original game face golfer's skills. All skills will be set to 110%.

3. Own Everything in the Pro Shop! (108.00 KB, 300pts - U.S. $3.75)
The innovative character creation tool is revamped with deeper modifications, more apparel, equipment licenses, and specialty items. Save time by unlocking and owning all items in the pro shop for your golfer.

4. Sunday Tiger - Marketplace Exclusive! (108.00 KB, 240pts - U.S. $3.00)
Exclusive Unlock! Play Tiger at his Sunday best. Sunday Tiger is ONLY available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

5. Unlock Courses (108.00 KB, 200pts - U.S. $2.50)
All-New Championship Courses. The course content doubles with the addition of new licensed courses, including Firestone Country Club, Glen Abbey, Princeville, Spyglass Hill, St Andrews, and Bandon Dunes. Save time and unlock all locked courses in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07.

6. Unlock Golfers (108.00 KB, 200pts - U.S. $2.50)
See and feel every emotion in complete detail with the introduction of all-new Universal Capture (UCAP) technology. The world's No. 1 golfer seems so real you won't believe your eyes. Unlock all locked golfers in the game with this bundle.

Aside from the fact that other than the courses, this is basically EA asking you to pay them extra money for cheat codes and unlockables, but I want to direct your attention to item number 4, "Sunday Tiger".

EA is charging $3.00 for the ability to download the trademark black and red outfit that Tiger always wears on Sundays in honor of his alma mater, Stanford University. It is just me or am I wrong for thinking that a videogame starring Tiger Woods -- one that costs $60 no less -- would include his signature outfit right out of the box. Perhaps as something you earn/win through gameplay or something that simply can only be worn on day 4 of tourneys when you're in the lead. Where's the Horse Armor-like venom among gamers now? EA is selling one of the most recognizable aspects of Tiger Woods as an extra downloadable item -- after they already sell you the game for $60.

Now if somebody knows for a fact that these unlockable items are actually attainable in the game for free and that these purchasable downloads are simply for the lazy, then please let me know and I'll redirect my ire. But I somehow doubt they are. I scan the lists of downloads available at Achieve360Points.com every day and if one thing has become clear, it's that EA moreso than any other company is trying to nickel and dime gamers more than any other company out there.

Hey EA, how about first giving us something that actually justifies the $60 price tag (i.e. actually works), then worry about providing extra content on the Marketplace.

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