96th Percentile

I had a good week this past weekend with Yahoo's "Pro Football Pick' Em". I got 13 of the 14 games right. Oddly enough, all of the favorites won and the only underdog I picked was Baltimore over Denver in the MNF game. I don't pay any attention to point spreads and who the so-called experts think is the favorite. I quickly go down the list and make snap-decisions on each matchup. I follow the NFL closely enough so that I know the records of most teams and the major injuries and trends, but I base my decisions on my own personal gut reaction.

And I'm doing pretty good so far. I'm ranked in the 96th percentile in the following three groups: Overall Leaders, Fans of Seattle, and Fans from Washington.

Overall Leaders: I'm 9 picks behind the leader and ranked 7,349 out of 232,876 players.

Fans of Seattle: I'm 6 picks behind the leader and ranked 218 out of 6,069 players.

Fans from Washington: I'm 5 picks behind the leader and ranked 153 out of 4,551 players.

Without Fantasy Football, this is all I have going on this season and it's mildly depressing. I just can't get into watching all of the other games as much without having something at stake. I still watch all of the Seahawks games (and scream my head off at the games) but it's just not the same.

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Criscipline said...

What happened to fantasy football?