The Better Job

I get told I have a great job pretty often. And I do have a pretty cool job. I get to play games, write books, work from home, and make a pretty decent living doing so. No complaints from me, whatsoever. But I often find myself explaining to people that I don't even have the "best" job within my circle of friends. They find this hard to believe, but then I drop the bomb... my friend James is a photographer for Playboy. At this point in the conversation there are those (i.e. the prudes) who insist that I still have the better gig and then there are those who don't believe me and those who see the light and realize that, yes, being a photographer for Playboy is indeed a pretty killer job.

For those who don't believe me when I speak of my friend James or who have trouble seeing how such a job could be so rewarding, I present the following evidence. The following photo is of James "on the job" at a recent Playboy party.

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