Not at All, Why Do You Ask?

If you're wondering whether or not I feel a little weird sitting in my living room playing on my Xbox 360 while paying two guys to build the fence in my backyard, the answer is no. I'm a firm believer in paying people to do what they do well and not trying to do everything myself. There are some things that are easy to attempt and easy to correct if I screw up, like painting the spare bedroom in the house. Poking holes in my backyard, erecting a cedar fence, and anchoring it into the side of my house is not one of those things. I let people pay me to play and write about games and I'm pretty good at it. And I have no problems using that money to pay others to do what they do well.

Ideally, this would all work on a barter system and a signed copy of the "Gears of War Limited Edition Strategy Guide" and maybe some old guidebooks for "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4" would be enough to cover the cost of the fence -- I'd even be willing to throw in a couple of Moose Drools too (that's world-class beer for those of you unfortunate enough to live outside the Big Sky Brewing company's distribution network) but we're stuck with this monetary system so I make do.

By the way, speaking of money (how's that for a sequitor?), I'm here to tell you how to make the most of that $45 in your wallet. Go to REI and pick up a pair of the Acorn UpSside Down Slippers. Kristin came home with a pair of them for me last night and I've yet to take them off. They are the most comfortable anythings I've ever put on my feet. And despite being down-filled and rated to keep you warm at temps as low as 14-degrees Fahrenheit, they're "thermally regulated" to keep your feet from getting too warm. Not sure how they do that, but my feet have yet to get sweaty in them. They're perfect!

So now you know how my day is going. I'm sitting around in slippers, playing on my Xbox 360, and periodically glancing out the window to check on the two guys who are building our fence. Tomorrow we're heading to Orcas Island for some mountain biking and hiking. It's a long drive -- and an even longer ferry ride -- but the weather should be nice and we're going to make a long day of it. I'll have pics up on Monday. Have a good weekend.

I'm off to go make some chili...


Criscipline said...

Too bad those slippers are ugly as sin. haha

Doug Walsh said...

Yeah, but when you have feet that have been deformed from as many years of running as I have, then the slippers are actually quite attractive comparably.