BioShock Orchestral Tracks

Happened to click over to the Cult of Rapture website today and noticed that the folks at 2K have uploaded a zip file of the 12 orchestral tracks from BioShock. The songs are in MP3 fomat and could be downloaded for your listening pleasure right here.

In unrelated news, I took the air conditioning vents out of my office window two days ago and disassembled them for the winter. It's in the mid-80's here today and, naturally, it's turning into a sauna in west-facing home office.

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CCNIII said...

Thank you for the heads up on this. This is what I had been hoping to get on the CD included with the collectors edition. Instead of some poppy Moby mixes.

Great job on the Guide by the way.

That is what lead me to your blog. I may just stick around. Good luck in B.C.!