The Rules of Drinko

1) You don't talk about Drinko.

2) Ignore Rule 1.

Okay, since I had a couple queries about the rules, here's how it goes: Everyone gets a colored shot glass and a token. You fill your glass with your favorite libation and take turns dropping your token down the board. The token will bounce around like a pachinko ball and land in a colored slot and the person with that colored shot glass has to do a shot, then refill for the next person. However, if the token lands in the slot of the person who dropped the token, then everyone else has to do a shot. So, basically, you'll be trying to get the token to bounce its way into your own colored slot so that everyone else has to drink.

One round consists of everyone getting to drop their token once. Some may not have to drink at all, others may have to drink a couple times. The most anyone can have to drink in one round (which will only take a few minutes, mind you) is 4 shots and that's if everyone lands the token in their own slot. Extremely unlikely, but possible.

So, like I said in the other post, with the fast-pace of the game and the possibility of having to do several shots in an ultra short amount of time, I'm going to make a pitcher or two of lemon drops and kamikazes ahead of time so people aren't pounding shot-after-shot of pure tequila or whiskey. Not only could that get really ugly, but it could bankrupt me as well if the game proved popular. I think we're going to get a beer pong table going too though. Thankfully we nixed the ice-block idea. No time to set it up and carve it. Maybe next year.

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Criscipline said...

Thanks! I want that game - sounds like fun.

P.S. Your kid sister hit 7 out of 10 tosses playing beer pong Saturday night. I drew a crowd. LOL.

(It was drunk luck. I hate that game and never play. The smell/taste of grass doesn't sit well with me.)

Have a great par-tay!