The Thumb's Mortal Enemy


It was actually quite hard for me to type the above sentence as my natural instinct is to tap the spacebar with my right thumb after every few letters. I'm sure you all have the same instinct. So imagine my frustration I'm feeling whenever I try to type with my laptop, only to realize that the spacebar doesn't work. Well, it sort of does. Occasionally. After I mash on it five or six times.

I often get asked why, in this day and age, do I have a desktop computer. The bevy of reasons is quite obvious: most of my work is done at home with two 20" monitors running simultaneously, I occasionally have to play very graphics intensive PC games for work (while Word or Photoshop is running in another window), and because the screencapturing process often requires either manipulating nearly 200 gigabytes worth of gameplay video or sifting through thousands of high-definition screenshots that weigh in at over 8 megabytes apiece. For me, a powerful desktop computer is just an obvious choice.

But I guess now thanks to the frustration I'm feeling with my laptop, I can add yet another reason to enjoy desktop PCs over laptops. When the keyboard (or mouse) stops working, I merely have to go to the store and buy a new one. I don't have to take anything apart and try to play MacGuyver the Geek on it. I don't have to call customer service or scrounge around for warranty information. And best of all, I don't have to buy a whole new computer on account of a broken spacebar. Unless of course, I want to. After all, the laptop in question is about 3 or 4 years ancient and even then only cost me $900. The guys at Epic Studios last year had a grand ol' time making fun of my cheapo laptop. I guess Gears of War proved too much for the little Sony that could...

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