More on Milkshakes

You didn't know a milkshake could save your life did you?

Neither did a woman in Anchorage who was invited to a nearby restaurant for a milkshake by a neighbor. A plane fell from the sky and destroyed her house while she was gone. The people in the plane perished in the crash, and the house is destroyed, but at least nobody on the ground was hurt. So remember, people. Whether it's to contribute to a meaningless record at the 59er Diner or because a friend invites you out, don't pass on milkshakes.

From today's Seattle Times:

"I was sitting in a restaurant nearby when it crashed," the 49-year-old massage therapist said in a telephone interview. "It sounded like something had fallen off a truck. Then I saw a lot of people running and I followed suit — and saw that it was my house."

The single-engine Piper had five people on board when it crashed around 1 p.m., a block from a downtown street bustling with cruise-ship tourists visiting the coastal town. There were no survivors, said Mike Fergus, a spokesman with the Federal Aviation Administration.

When the plane went down, other houses on Heyburn's block were occupied.

"A lot of my neighbors have kids and they're home all the time," she said. "I would've been at home, too, but my friend called me to meet him for a milkshake."

When she saw her house erupt into smoke and flames, Heyburn had to turn away. She couldn't watch after that, but she learned it was so damaged it will have to be demolished.

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