Worst. Bail. Ever.

For those who don't watch ESPN or tune into the X-Games, I post this video. The rest of you had seen it and know how horrifying this is to watch. Aussie skater Jake Brown succesfully lands a 720 on the mega-ramp at the X-Games, only to lose control of the board as he's rapidly climbing a 25-foot vert ramp. He flies more than 15 feet above the ramp and freefalls 40 feet and slams the flat-bottom.

He walks away from the most horrifying slam I've ever seen in any sport. We mountain bikers talk about how tough the Canadian riders are. After seeing this guy get up and walk away from what amounts to a belly-flop out of a four-story building, I have to say I think the Aussies might give the Canucks a run for their money. Watch the end of the video for the slow-mo footage. If you can stomach it.

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Criscipline said...

Mike told me about this. Horrifying and seeing his shoes fly off makes it worse. On another note, I wonder how long it took to build that sick set of ramps. Impressive.