Greetings From Panorama! - Day 0

After a 12 hour drive, we did finally arrive at Panorama Mountain Resort last night. Brett, who left two hours after us from Kirkland, arrived a bit before we did -- the man doesn't believe in stopping for food. Anyway, the scenery is great, we're checked in, and the bikes are tuned and ready to roll.

Our race number is 2.

That's right, another totally pimpin' single-digit race number for yours truly. Apparently this means we have to line up in front tomorrow morning and lead the 2 kilometer procession through the village at the start of the race. That giant whooooooooshing sound you'll hear after 11am tomorrow will be hundreds of cyclists blowing past us as we encounter the first climb. Maybe.

Speaking of climbs, tomorrow's stage is only 33 kilometers, but features a climb of 1200 meters in less than 6 kilometers. That's roughly 1,000 feet per mile for 3.5 miles. Gulp! The race organizer during the opening ceremonies tonight said that we should be able to pedal about 40 feet of the 2.2 kilometer hike. The good news is that after the hike, we'll face 36 switchbacks descending down the backside of the mountain and then enter the Canyon Trails in Invermere which are in his words are "The Best. Not the best in Invermere, not the best in BC or Canada, but The Best. Period." We'll see about that, but I'm obviously looking forward to finding out.

Anyway, it will be a few days before I can update again (most likely). Thanks for reading. Kristin and Lindsay had a nice day of bear-free hiking today halfway up the mountain and then, after lunch, we took a sightseeing chairlift ride up the mountain for some photos. The scenery blows away what I've seen elsewhere. The Canadian Rockies are certainly awe-inspiring.

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