2008 Fantasy Baseball Draft

Spent nearly 4 hours on AIM yesterday doing our fantasy baseball draft. This year's draft took longer than usual thanks to nearly an hour of AIM connection problems -- one of the guys finally had to call in -- and the fact that we had 13 teams instead of the normal 10 or 12. It doesn't sound like much, but over 21 rounds, that extra team or two makes a big difference.

We roll dice to determine the draft order and lucky me got to go last, so I had the 13th overall pick. But since we use a serpentine draft order, I also had the 14th pick. As nice as it would have been to have had the first overall pick and gotten A-Rod, I think I'd rather have the 13th and 14th picks than, say, the 3rd and 24th.

Round: Player Name (Pos), 2007 Final Position Ranking, Pick Number

01: Prince Fielder (1B), 2nd, 13th Pick
02: Ichiro Suzuki (OF), 3rd, 14th Pick
03: Aramis Ramirez (3B), 9th, 39th Pick
04: Dan Haren (SP), 9th, 40th Pick
05: Brian McCann (C), 4th, 65th Pick
06: Carlos Zambrano (SP), 30th, 66th Pick
07: Scott Kazmir (SP), 22nd, 91st Pick
08: Ian Kinsler (2B), 9th, 92nd Pick
09: Michael Young (SS), 8th, 107th Pick
10: Manny Corpas (RP), 11th, 108th Pick
11: Kosuke Fukudome (OF), N/A, 133th Pick
12: Brad Penny (SP), 20th, 134th Pick
13: Jack Cust (OF), 51st, 159th Pick
14: Jeremy Bonderman (SP), 138th, 160th Pick
15: Jose Guillen (OF), 25th, 185th Pick
16: Jeremy Accardo (RP), 16th, 186th Pick
17: Pat Neshek (RP), 28th, 211th Pick
18: Masa Kobayashi (RP), N/A, 212th Pick
19: Gil Meche (SP), 44th, 237th Pick
20: Adam Jones (OF), N/A, 238th Pick
21: Richie Sexson (1B), 26th, 263rd Pick

And speaking of fantasy baseball, one of the players not drafted by any of the 13 teams was Kazuo Matsui, the former Met-turned-Rocky-turned-Astro. The poor guy is having some problems, ahem, down there, and the following is the official player note (with injury) for Kaz for today.

Mar 17 Brian McTaggert, of the Houston Chronicle, reports Houston Astros 2B Kazuo Matsui (anus) is likely to begin the season on the disabled list.

There are so many ways to make a joke about that, I think I'm just going to leave them up for your imagination.

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