A Paused Time Record!

When I'm mountain biking, especially on group rides, I try to keep the amount of time spent standing around to a minimum. The Garmin Edge 305 I use to track my mileage and elevation gain (and to help get home sometimes) tracks this time separately and calls it "Paused Time". Soccer fans, ahem, I mean futbol fans, will recognize this concept as stoppage time. Anyway, I like to have less than 5:00 of paused time per hour when mountain biking and less than 1:00 per hour when on my road bike.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new record!

I just got done with my short Carnation loop, a route that hits Tolt Hill and Ames Lake roads and then comes back via Fish Hatchery Road and up past Snoqualmie Falls with no extras. It's 43.3 miles and 2090 feet of climbing.

Today's ride had just 0:00:35 of paused time. Less than 15 seconds of downtime per hour and it was only that high on account of a red light and having to stop and fix a dropped chain.

Nothing like a nonstop 2.5 hour bike ride on a nice semi-spring weather day to put a smile on your face.

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Anonymous said...

This sparked a funny memory, when I did a 2000 mile road trip, the last 1000 miles I was doing 100+ miles every day. I was so into the concept of not stopping for anything, so once I rode into a rain storm, so I reached into my pannier for my rain jacket and donned it without stopping. The best part: it was a pullover - just imagine putting a pullover jacket over your head, over a helmet, and just hoping you don't get snagged while riding :). Oops your blog, will stop writing...

Anyway, good job on the ride, relative AIS time maxed! Next time, don't stop for red lights.