Yesterday Coyotes, Today Pirates

Took the Moots out for a spin up to Rattlesnake Lake today and on the way back, amongst the dog-walkers and bikers, I quickly came up on a couple walking hand-in-hand down the trail. The lady wasn't terribly easy on the eyes and the guy had that frustrated Vietnam Vet look to him -- you know the one -- but they were smiling and seemingly having a nice walk on a cold, but sunny day.

And then I noticed... he had a peg-leg.

Not a prosthetic. Not a stump or a nub or a gap. No, an actual wooden peg-leg. And it looked exactly how the cartoons and Hollywood always made pirates look. It was dark brown, appeared relatively weather-beaten, and perhaps even a touch splintery. And it had brass buttons around the top of it. Probably functional, but undeniably decorative as well. It was both surreal and classy at the same time.

Normally I pride myself on not staring at people who look a little different. In fact, not only do I try not to gawk at those with missing limbs or other disformities, but I also make a point of not looking at the "hotties" I see either (although that's simply to deny them the satisfaction of looking, not because I'm afraid of hurting their feelings). But today, on this trail, with this man, I couldn't resist. I uncontrollably did the most obvious -- and completely rude -- double-take in the history of polite human society. Cat-calling construction workers would say I could have been more subtle.

But I couldn't help it. It's not that I meant any disrespect -- quite the contrary because now that I think about it, he probably was a Vet -- but the dude had a freaking peg-leg! How cool is that?!?

And, besides, it's not like I yelled Argggh! or asked him for some grog.

(although that would have been totally awesome)

...and yes, I know I'm going to hell.

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