Puzzle Quest Expansion Pack Coming to XBLA

I held out from downloading Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords on XBLA on account of having spent 8 months playing it almost every day on the Nintendo DS, but now that news is out that a rather massive expansion pack is on the way, I might just have to dive back in. The expansion pack is currently being referred to internally as "Puzzle Quest 1.5" but there's a name-the-game contest taking place right here, the top three suggestions will get the download for free and the winner's entry will be used.

As for the expansion pack, this is what the official site has revealed:

Story Overview
After gaining a reputation for battling Undead in northern Agaria, you are approached to help with a similar infestation in the southern lands. It seems that Ghouls, servants of the Lord of Plague, have been increasing in numbers and attacking towns and villages throughout Colis Tarn and Lysea.

With the aid of Helden, leader of the Ghoul Knights - protectors of the southern lands - your Hero sets about discovering the true source of this infestation. Deep within the marshes of Malbec, an ancient Sorceress has returned from her grave and uncovered a secret source of power allowing her to control the Ghouls. Now you must track her down and confront her to stop the Ghoulish uprising.

But the defeat of the Ghouls will only be a temporary thing if their true master—Antharg, the Lord of Plague—is allowed to remain in power. So with the Sorceress defeated, the Hero must set out to destroy Antharg, the brother of the infamous Lord Bane.

Basic Features

- Four New Hero Professions - Bard, Rogue, Ranger, Warlock
- An entirely new part of Agaria to explore with all new quests
- More than 50 New Spells including Bullseye, Corruption, Darkness, King of Thieves, Song of Pain and more
- More than 40 New Magic Items including the Stormhammer, Stormshield, Darkblade and Dragonslayer
- New Monsters
- New Bosses
- New original Music

Puzzle Quest was one of my favorite games of 2007 and by the sounds of it, this expansion pack is going to add a ton more content. Sign me up.

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