Guidebook Giveaway: Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core

If anyone was wondering what I was up to the month of February, this is it: this massive 282-page strategy guide. Although I certainly didn't do it alone -- my co-author Joe Epstein handled the Bestiary and Materia and Items sections of the guide -- I did ultimately submit roughly 450 pages of manuscript and about 350 maps... and countless screenshots.

For those unfamilliar with Crisis Core, it's a game for the Playstation Portable that serves as the official prequel to Final Fantasy VII, arguably one of the most popular, and loved, games of all time. If you enjoyed FFVII, then you have to play Crisis Core. And not only because of the background story, but because it's probably one of the best games available for the PSP. The game is an action-rpg that features a main story arc that takes roughly 18 hours to play through, but there are a total of 300 side-missions that really serve as the game's main mechanism for leveling up and earning the best items. To complete the story and all 300 missions takes upwards of 58 hours. Having written the walkthrough and mission guide sections of the book, I should know.

The first four people to email me about the guide will get a free autographed copy sent to them. But please only send the email if you really intend on playing the game or if you're a diehard Final Fantasy fan -- these books are quite heavy and shipping ain't gonna be cheap. For those who fit the latter category, I suspect the artwork section and poster to be every bit as valuable as the reams of text so do enjoy (especially the beautiful full-page photo of Aerith in the back).

If you're late in getting to this post, know that you can always pick up the book at your favorite store or online at or at sites like Speaking of which, here's a link to some reader reviews at Amazon's site. And no, I didn't write them. :-)

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