Netflix Update

I love this company.

We called them today to complain about our run of bad luck with their HD-DVDs. The customer service person who answered claimed to have not heard many complaints of this sort (clearly he didn't field the call from our friends with the 5 unplayable Blu-Ray discs) but nevertheless, apologized profusely and not only credited our next 3 months of membership for free, but even sent out the next two movies in our queue just in case one of them doesn't play (we recently downgraded to a one-at-a-time plan, instead of having three movies out at once).

This doesn't really address the fact that their packaging is damaging the discs, but if it really is just bad luck and most people aren't having this problem, then this gesture makes up for the frustration.

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Brad Gallaway said...

Your note about packaging problems is interesting... i don't do Netflix anymore, but i still do GameFly and every single disc i get from them has a tiny chunk taken out of the side of the disc. it's small but noticeable, and there have been a few play errors which seem like they must be related.

the machine they use for whatever automated purpose must be tagging each disc, and i'm a little surprised they haven't done anything about it. i guess the number of complaints must be small enough to avoid thinking about changing their automation.

maybe the Netflix issue is the same... no reason to change unless the bottom line starts taking a hit.