More Card Gaming Goodness Coming to XBLA

As if learning of an expansion pack to Puzzle Quest wasn't good enough news, I saw today that there's also a full-blown sequel in the works that takes the gameplay to space (the final frontier, I'm told) and semi-radically turns the gameboard and features on their head. It's called Puzzle Quest Galactrix and you can see more about it here.

But that's not what has me excited. Not only are the makers of the hit XBLA game, Uno, making a Gin-Rummy based game, but there is also a version of Lost Cities coming to XBLA this spring. Lost Cities, like Carcassonne, is another one of those games I've picked up countless times in the store and for one reason or another never actually bought. It's a two-player card game that doesn't really seem a whole lot different than Solitaire, except of course for the requirement of having a second player. Anyway, you can read about the XBLA version of Lost Cities right here or watch the admittedly rather corny video-review of the boardgame version below.

Oh, and one other thing... for those who never played the Centipede-turned-RTS game Darwinia before, that too is coming to XBLA soon. I'm not sure I'll pick that one up again, having already played it a bit on the PC, but it's certainly another great addition to XBLA and I'm glad to see it get the larger audience it deserves.

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