My Mom, the Redneck

You've all heard the various Jeff Foxworthy You know you're a redneck if... jokes, right? Remember the one one about being a redneck if you buy a new television and sit it on top of the old, broken one? Yeah, apparently my mother and step-father didn't think was actually redneck enough and, as the ballers like to say, the decided to elevate their game a bit.

They've taken redneck decorating to new heights.

Rather than place the new 32" flat-panel LCD tv on top of the 20-year old wood-framed cabinet tube television (which looked more like a piece of furniture from the 1960's than a tv from the 1980's), they decided to cut out the old tube, and put the new Sony LCD inside the RCA funiture-vision relic. That's right, they hacked apart the old wooden cabinet -- which sits right on the floor at about knee-level -- and put their brand new HDTV inside it.

Welcome to the 21st century, Clampett family.

If there is a God in this world, my sister will visit my mom next weekend and email me a photo so I can post it here. For as embarrassed as I am, I'm also completely un-surprised.


Criscipline said...

You could have at least noted that there was no other place for it without major redecorating or that they didn't want to block a window. I told Mom I'd have to see it to believe it.

Doug Walsh said...

It wouldn't block the window that much. And besides, the window just looks at the neighbor's RV anyway.

You better get me a photo! LOL!