Highs and Lows

HIGH: I was wearing an old gray hoodie today that happens to have one of those large hand-warmer style pockets in it. This was fantastic design, not because I wanted to put my hands in it, but because I realized that it was deep enough to hold half a bag of circus peanuts in it. So I poured the bag of candy in the pocket and had the tasty sugar-clumps at my disposal wherever I went. Whether it to be to the Fed-Ex store, to my office, out to the truck, and yes, even while in the bathroom. Circus peanuts are good anytime, even while peeing.

LOW: I learned tonight that it's impossible to talk with a mouthful of mouthwash. At least not with your mouth open. You might think that I would have worked out the rules of talking and gargling much earlier in life, but you would be wrong. And I have a greenish-blue stain on the bathroom carpet to prove it. I think my mistake was in tilting my head sideways to try and hold the mouthwash in my cheek while I talked. Gravity. It'll get ya everytime...

But it was worth it to see Kristin spit her toothpaste all over the mirror laughing so hard.

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