Best Buy Rewards HD-DVD Customers

I'm a firm believer in buyer beware and knew full well the risks involved in buying an HD-DVD player this past December. I'm sure there are those crying foul about "being stuck" with brand-new obsolete technology and are looking for someone to blame, but in this day and age there's just too much information too readily available to not take responsibility for your actions when it comes to consumer decisions. And although I naturally wish the format would have been given more of a chance, I don't regret the purchase. And I certainly don't feel mislead in my purchase. I'm still glad to finally have an upconverting player, not to mention a killer version of the BBC's Planet Earth production, thanks to my sisters-in-law.

That said, I received an email from Best Buy tonight letting me know that they will be sending a $50 gift card to everyone who bought an HD-DVD player from them before February 23rd. The email doesn't explicitly offer an apology -- which it shouldn't -- but they mention being dedicated to making sure their customers have the "right technology." They also offer a trade-in program for the HD-DVD players and used HD-DVDs. Clearly they're hoping we use the gift card and/or trade-in program to buy a Blu-Ray player.

We won't be doing that just yet, but I'm sure there's something in Best Buy we can spend $50 on [Insert maniacal laughter here]. And I appreciate the gesture, especially since it's completely unnecessary in my opinion. Way to go, Best Buy!

For months, there has been much debate surrounding the two competing high-definition video formats: Toshiba's HD DVD and Sony's Blu-ray Disc. Recently, Toshiba announced that they will no longer produce HD DVD players, and movie studios have decided not to release new titles in the HD DVD format.

As the owner of an HD DVD player, you may have concerns about these developments. At Best Buy, we are dedicated to making sure you always have the right technology for you. That's why we're offering you a complimentary $50 Best Buy gift card for each HD DVD player you purchased from Best Buy before February 23, 2008. (See details and qualifying models.) Use the gift card to treat yourself to anything you want in our stores or online. Most qualifying customers will automatically receive their complimentary gift card by mail in the coming weeks. If you qualify and haven't received yours by May 1, 2008, please call us at 1-888-BEST-BUY to verify your eligibility (have your receipt handy, if possible).

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