Back to Work!

Of all the packages that arrived on our doorstep in the past week, none were more welcome than the one I came home to on Friday night. I haven't worked on a guidebook since wrapping up the guidebook for Ridge Racer 6 in late October and thanks to several weeks of miserable snow conditions, I was starting to get kind of bored. Not anymore.

Instead I get to spend the next couple weeks writing the guidebook for one of my most anticipated Xbox 360 titles of early 2006. It's got cars. It's got guns. And it's got more hi-def destruction than any game deserves to possess.

And a new trailer for it just got posted to the net. Check it out here.

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Criscipline said...

Does this mean you finally got an Xbox 360? I'll read on and hopefully read about it. But if not, you may want to mention how you got one. I'd like to know.