Eye-Rolling Moment #3,247

Brought to you today by the jackass who updates the Summit at Snoqualmie ski resort's website.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Can you and all those like you please cease your idiotic attempts at hipness and hereby refrain from referring to snow as "pow pow". It makes you sound ignorant, makes your company look amateurish, and makes me embarrassed to be reading your website, let a lone pay good money to have a season pass at your resort. "Pow Pow" is so ridiculously stupid that Saturday Night Live actually had a skit with Jonny Mosely in which even he made fun of the phrase. And that was several years ago, during the 5 minutes at which time people knew who Jonny Mosely was.

I try really hard to avoid using profanity in my blog but checking your site for updates on the snow conditions is making it harder and harder for me to keep this PG rated. Help make the word a better place to live by making the Internet a safer place to read.

Just call it powder. It's good enough to not need your embellishment.

Thank you.


Jackie (your cousin) said...

I guess he doesn't use spellcheck....

Eric said...

"POW POW" is very west Coast...I guess you would'nt understand..

Doug Walsh said...

Nah, it was used plenty on the east coast too.

In the 90's.

It's just lame, and apparently lame knows no expiration dates.

ERic said...

I see..