Fantasy Update: On the Bubble

This coming weekend is the final week in the "regular season" for Fantasy Football leagues, with weeks 15 and 16 of the NFL schedule serving as the "playoffs". Right now, things aren't looking too good for my two teams. Both leagues I'm in consist of 12 teams, with the top four meeting in the playoffs.

In my money league with my friends in NJ, I slipped back into 5th place this week with a win over one of the lowly teams in the league. A couple of losses from some teams ahead of me, not the least of which was my wife Kristin who watched helplessly as her QB, Matt Hasselbeck was given half the night off last night on account of the route in Philly. So, the situation is thus: I need to win and score at least 18 more points than the guy who is currently in 4th place to leap-frog him. If he loses and I win, I'm in. But that's not likely since I'm playing the 3rd place team and he's playing the 10th place team that I just beat 71 to 42 this weekend. The first three spots in this playoff bracket have already been clinched, but a whole bunch of us are fighting for the 4th spot. Fortunately, two of us have a ton more points than the rest so tiebreakers favor me.

Things are a bit more complicated for me in my freebie league. And that's fine since there's no money at stake and I've only been half paying attention to it this year. In that league, I'm in 6th place, playing the 3rd place team. Only two spots have been clinched and although I have a worse record than those in 4th and 5th place, I have more points than most of them (go figure). It's not looking good though as the guy currently in 4th place is playing the worst team in the league and even if I win, two teams will still likely have better records than me.

Last year, in the money league, I ended up finishing in 5th place and cursed Trent Green's slow start as the reason for my missing the playoffs. Well, here I am one year later, and I'm once again cursing Trent Green's slow start. I really have to draft a different QB next year.

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