Double the Stink

Kristin came home a half hour early from work tonight so the two of us were able to head up to the pass and go night-skiing (i.e. snowboarding). I wasn't expecting her home so early and was still in the midst of working when she got in. So I hurriedly got dressed, through the gear in the truck, and jumped in.

Unfortunately, in my rushing around I put on the shirt that I wore running yesterday instead of a similar-looking one that I had meant to put on.

"I stink," I said matter of factly. "This isn't the shirt I meant to put on and now I stink."

Kristin started laughing and then proceeded to tell me that I was actually the second person today to utter those exact same words to her. It turns out her friend Kari that she works out with everyday at lunchtime also put on a dirty shirt from yesterday by mistake and she too, stank.

I tried telling Kristin that it's because everyone is always in such a rush to spend time with her that we mere mortals must let hygiene slip by the wayside, but I don't think she was buying it. On the positive side, at least the shirt didn't smell so bad that she noticed it before I did.

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