Fantasy Football - We're Going to Disneyland!

Okay, maybe not.

But I did squeak into the playoffs in my money league as the fourth seed in the main playoff bracket and have to play the #1 seed this week. And that was despite my ridiculous decision to start Marques Tuiasosopo at QB instead of Trent Green. Fortunately, all of his interceptions and fumbles caused the guy in 4th place to lose, as his opponent racked up 18 points with the Jets defense.

Now I'm in the playoffs and I'm happy to have a chance at winning some money, but all this talk about the Colts resting their players has me nervous. Edgerin James and Marvin Harrison are what got me this far and now Dungy might rest them? Crap. It'll be even worse next week since I'll either be playing for the win or for third place and the Colts will be out here playing the Seahawks. Not only will I hate to have to chear against my fantasy team, but it's probably going to be a pretty uneventful game as both the Colts and the Seahawks will likely rest their starters and not show too much to the opposing team due to the likelihood that they face each other in the Super Bowl.

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