Legend of Heroes

My quest for an Xbox 360 two weeks ago didn't net me a shiny new console, but I did come across a copy of the PSP game Legend of Heroes which I had been looking forward to. Not only was I excited to go home and dust off my PSP (literally) but the game looked to have real promise from the previews I had read.

What do I have to say to it now? Bah-humbug!

This game is so utterly bland and holds so tight to the by-the-numbers role-playing formula that it ought to have been packaged with a set of watercolors and a brush. I wasn't expecting "high art" and knowing that it's once again another Japanese-styled RPG that pits little kids on a daring adventure, I wasn't expecting a great script. But man alive, can't they do better than this?

You want to know how boring this game is? I'll tell you.

I came home from the Seahawks game last night and took a brief nap. I then woke up, made a full french-press of extremely strong coffee and actually fell asleep playing this game (mid-battle, no less!) despite being into my second cup of coffee.

So far I've purchased 5 PSP games since the system has come out and this will be the second one I sell back to the store at a loss. I knew the PSP was expensive when I bought it, but I didn't think it would keep on costing me.

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